The area is under a wind chill advisory this morning. A winter storm watch will go in effect Friday morning at nine a.m. and continue until Saturday evening at six p.m. Joe Calderone is with the National Weather Service in Chahassen.

“The system is only coming on-shore in the Pacific Northwest this morning,” said Calderone. “It’s a pretty powerful and deep low-pressure system with a lot of pacific moisture. By the time it gets here it will combine with moisture coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. So putting all these ingredients together, we’re going to see a lot of snow out of this.”

Calderone gives the specific forecast for the Mankato area for Friday

“Snow will start late morning into early afternoon,” said Calderone. “Heaviest snow will be Friday afternoon into Friday evening. Right now, we’re looking at six to nine inches for the Mankato area.”

He says blowing and drifting snow is also expected with winds 20 to 25 miles per hour gusting to 40 miles per hour.