Students at the Waseca Junior and Senior High School were dismissed in the noon hour today. School officials say there was a note left on a bathroom stall with a specific threat against the Junior and Senior High School. District officials say students who drove to school were instructed to go home and all other students were evacuated to the Central Building Auditorium. School officials say since the threat was specifically against the Junior and Senior High school building, it was decided to continue school in the rest of the district buildings. District officials say if any student has been evacuated to the Central Building and parents want to pick them up they asked to come to the main entrance by the flagpole. Students who do not reunify with a family member will either wait until their ride arrives or they will go home on buses at the end of the day.

Waseca Police say they’re investigating the threat and the credibility of the threat is undetermined as of this time. Police say the note was a bomb threat. Anyone with information is asked to contact Waseca Police at 507-835-9720.