U-S health officials are planning to temporarily ban most flavored e-cigarettes that are popular with underage tobacco and e-cigarette users. The Trump administration announced this week that it will prohibit the sale of fruit, candy, mint, and dessert flavors from cartridge-based e-cigarettes–but menthol and flavored e-cigarette liquids will be allowed to remain on the market. Laura Smith with Minnesotans for a Smoke-free Generation says:
“Well I guess it’s encouraging to see some action toward protecting our youth, but unfortunately what the president and the FDA announced is a proposal that leaves massive loopholes for the tobacco industry to continue to target our kids ”
Smith says she’s concerned that kids who want to take up smoking e-cigarettes will just switch to the flavors that remain on the market. She’s urging local lawmakers to join the dozen or so local communities statewide that have already enacted restrictions on the sale of flavored tobacco products.