Mankato Schools will establish tiered busing beginning next school year. The Mankato school board took the action at its meeting Monday night. Superintendent Paul Peterson says the action was necessary because district enrollment is growing.

“It’s a great challenge to have the opportunity to address,” said Peterson. “We currently have 8700 students and our fine two transportation companies provide us a certain number of buses. We’ve decided the district has gotten large enough to restructure how we do things.”

The school board will officially approve the final staggered start schedule next month. The proposed schedule has elementary schools starting at 7:50 and dismissing at 2:20, Bridges Community School starting at 8:10 and dismissing at 2:40, the middle schools starting at 8:25 and dismissing at 3:10 and the high schools starting at 8:35 and dismissing at 3:25.