There are more requests than can be funded. That was the conclusion Mankato city manager Pat Hentges told the city council this week regarding sports and recreation facilities in the community. Hentges made a presentation regarding the feasibility of such projects at this week’s council meeting. He says sales tax dollars will be used to finance the proposals.

“We have a capacity in the near-term to issue to 25 million dollars worth of debt to fund 35 million dollars worth of improvements,” said Hentges. “There’s going to have to be some pairing down and ways to work these proposals in some type of priority.”

The requests include upgrades at Thomas Park for youth softball, Rosa Park for youth baseball, Turtlelot Pool, Franklin Rodgers Park and a request to build a double sheet of ice from the Mankato Area Hockey Association. The council will discuss the matter further in a work session scheduled for January sixth.