Lifetime, The Hallmark Channel, even Netflix has their own set of Christmas movies.   I read somewhere that there are over 70 new holiday films making their way to your TV this season.

Watching holiday movies has never been a regular part of my past. It’s not that I dislike them, it’s mostly because I never seem to find the time! I decided to be more intentional about trying to catch some of these this year.

Christmas movies seem to fit this formula; a woman falls in love with a handsome man, twists and turns, they end up together happily ever after. So what is the draw if we know what we are going to get every time?

Escapism.   They give your mind a place to go where things are sparkly, bright and always happy in the end. It’s probably worth an hour and a half of your time now and then.

The first one I watched this season was from Lifetime, called, “Radio Christmas.” Yes. Chosen because I work in radio. What can I say…It was my closest connection. Keshia Knight Pulliam (remember Rudy from the Cosby Show?!) plays a big city DJ who has to move to a small town to continue her broadcast. Enter a single handsome dad -how are these guys always single and waiting for these women to arrive?   Add in a tiny bit of mystery, sadness and revelation and we have…a Christmas movie. Formulaic. But I watched, smiled and felt ok about the hour and a half I won’t ever get back.

ok-truth be told, I was folding laundry, unpacking from my weekend and prepping for this week while this movie was on. There was limited commitment on my part, but I felt like I saw and experienced it.


What else from this genre should I watch? Have you seen anything good I need to check out?