The City of Waseca is preparing for their close up. Producers of the show “Small Business Revolution” will be in town this week after the city was named a top 10 finalist to be featured on the show. Waseca Economic Development Coordinator Gary Sandholm says producers will talk to the people on the front lines of the small business economy.


“Interviewing a number of businesses. Looking forward to their visit, although it would have been nice to have a few more days. holiday sort of throws a wrench into some things. We’re very excited that they’re going to be here.”

Sandholm says producers will pare the list of finalists down to five, and then a fan vote will determine which city is featured on the show and gets the 500-thousand dollar small business development prize. If they are one of the top five finalists Sandholm says the city plans to launch a marketing campaign aimed at garnering support around the state and beyond.