A proposed expansion of Highway 14 from Nicollet to New Ulm was not chosen for federal funding. Karen Foreman is the president of the U.S. Highway 14 Partnership and also serves on the Mankato City Council. Foreman told the city council she’s hoping the project can be funded through MnDOT’s Corridors of Commerce program. Foreman says they like to see the criteria become clearer for that program.


“Having the criteria would make it clear to all lawmakers that their project would be given its proper consideration, ” said Foreman. “I think it would make that conversation more successful and more politically acceptable across the state.”

The 12-mile stretch from New Ulm to Nicollet is the only part of US Highway 14 between New Ulm and Rochester that hasn’t been funded. A 12-mile stretch from Dodge Center to Owatonna will begin in earnest next step.