A new report says the U-S has seen an increase of 400-thousand children going without health-care coverage in the last few years. The findings from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families blame federal efforts to scale back the Affordable Care Act. Minnesota saw a slight decrease in its number of uninsured kids between 2016 and 2018, but children’s advocates worry about how long the state can hold the line. Elizabeth Lukanen, a health policy research official at the University of Minnesota, says the national conversation creates concern. “The concern is that if parents aren’t going to sign up for coverage because the mandate isn’t in effect, if there are fewer outreach dollars, you know, and less enrollment assistance for parents, that they’re not going to sign up – and potentially, they’re not getting their kids signed up.”

She that’s why Minnesota needs to build on its reputation for having strong outreach efforts to enroll families in public insurance programs, which could prevent the state from falling behind like other states.