It’s the start of flu season.  We had flu shots come right to us here at Radio Mankato for those of us that wanted them. AT the very least, a good reminder of handwashing and trying to keep healthy is always good!

A new poll found just under 90% us go to work with cold or flu symptoms at least some of the time.  Including a full third who said they ALWAYS do, no matter how sick they are.  Only 11% of us never go to work with cold or flu symptoms.

The #1 reason we show up sick is we feel like there’s just too much work to do.  54% of people in the survey said that’s one of the reasons they still go in.

The top four reasons are:  There’s just too much work . . . I don’t want to burn a sick day . . . pressure from the boss . . . and my co-workers do it, so I should too.

The study also looked at the cities where people are most likely to show up to work sick.

Charlotte and Miami tied for first.  96% of people said they go in with symptoms at least sometimes.  The rest of the top five are Austin, Chicago, and Cincinnati.

Stay well friends.  Take care of yourself!!