Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) is pleased to see an agreement to protect the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

“It is clear that President Trump heard farmers communicate the importance of adding value to their crops by increasing domestic demand,” said MFBF President Kevin Paap. “The RFS provides domestic opportunities that can help when Minnesota farmers are struggling to export to international markets. This will also provide certainty for our rural communities by providing economic certainty and jobs here in Minnesota.”

“Fifteen billion gallons is what Minnesota farmers built biofuels plants on. Fifteen billion gallons is what Minnesota farmers invested in. Knowing 15 billion gallons will mean 15 billion gallons gives us certainty that we have a market for biofuels,” said MFBF President Paap. “We are also glad to see an emphasis placed on infrastructure, labeling and trade issues to continue to remove barriers for Minnesota ethanol and biodiesel.”

MFBF will work through the rulemaking process to ensure that Minnesota farmers continue to be heard in this administration. MFBF urges the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to quickly adopt the agreement and protect the RFS.