Applications are now open for all 15 seats on the Governor’s Biofuels Council, established by Governor Tim Walz to advise the Governor and Cabinet on how to best support the Minnesota biofuels industry.

On September 16, 2019, Governor Walz signed Executive Order 19-35, establishing the Governor’s Biofuels Council to advise the Governor and Cabinet on policy and budget proposals to foster the growth of the Minnesota biofuel industry.

“The Governor’s Biofuels Council demonstrates our commitment to supporting the agriculture and biofuels industries and seizing the opportunity to move Minnesota toward a cleaner, greener transportation sector,” said Governor Walz. “I encourage Minnesotans in every corner of the state to apply and share their expertise on this critical issue.”

The Council will be made up of 15 members including representatives of agriculture, biofuels, and transportation industries, as well as environmental, and conservation groups, tasked with creating a report advising the Governor and Cabinet on how to best expand the use of biofuels, increase the carbon efficiency of biofuels, and implement biofuels as part of Minnesota’s larger goal to reduce greenhouse gas production in the transportation sector The Executive Order mandates that the report be completed by November 2020.

Those interested in applying should apply here.