The St. Paul Police Department this week released the bodycam video from the officer-involved shooting that left a man dead earlier this month. Now, activists with the Anti-Police Brutality Coalition are speaking out, asking for an independent investigation, arguing it’s unclear from the limited body camera footage what types of de-escalation tactics were used. Willmar Police Chief Jim Felt:

“Disappointing the people that will sit back and judge. Looking at some of the comments… he should have de-escalated, he should have used a TASER. Anybody that would be in that type of situation would realize that… that’s not necessarily an option there.:

Felt says shootings like this are never easy:

“This affects this officer forever for having to take that type of action. I can guarantee that even though it’s justified it still has to work through the legal process. The threats that come across social media things like that. The second-guessing that happens. It affects that officer forever.”