Drug manufacturers would provide free insulin to Minnesotans struggling to pay for it, under a proposal Senate Republicans rolled out today (Thurs) — a very different approach from Democrats’ plan that would charge drug makers a fee and the state would run an assistance program. Republican Senator Eric Pratt says the pharmaceutical industry…

“I wouldn’t say that they are happy with this program. I think we’ve pushed pharma probably further than they would have wanted to go, but we expect that they will do business in the state of Minnesota and they’ll comply with this program.”

Quinn Nystrom with the group Minnesota Insulin for All wants stronger guarantees:

“For them (Republican lawmakers) just to think, okay, we’re gonna ask them (drug manufacturers) to do it, I think there’s gonna have to be a strong penalty or a strong cost of doing business if they do not comply.”

Senate Republicans plan public hearings soon, even as House Democrats continue pushing their plan.