HGTV paid $3.5 million to buy the “Brady Bunch” house . . . and who knows how much to renovate it to make the inside look exactly like the sets from the show.  But it was worth it.

The premiere of “A Very Brady Renovation” attracted 3.36 million viewers . . . the biggest HGTV audience in TWO YEARS.  That’s even more than the series finale of “Fixer Upper” in 2018.

When this is all over, HGTV is keeping the house, possibly for future specials or corporate events.  An exec says, quote, “We could be sitting on a gold mine.  We can’t decide until the show is done and America has seen the house again.”

Meanwhile, the first game of the NFL season easily won the week, with 22.2 million people tuning in Thursday to see the Packers beat the Bears 10-3.  The same amount of people saw the Patriots demolish the Steelers 33-3 in Sunday’s game.