Mankato-Register to attend Mankato Area Public Schools’ Family Academy held Monday, September 16 at Lincoln Community Center, 110 Fulton Street. These no-cost workshops provide tips, tools and strategies to help children be successful.

5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. sessions
Social/emotional development (birth to eight-years-old)
Presented by Katti Hurley, parent and family educator

Come and learn how to promote positive social and emotional development of early learners and why it’s important to a child’s overall development and readiness to learn.

Relationships/sexual health and your student (sixth through 12th grade)
Presented by Kate Cox, a licensed independent clinical social worker, program director for Project for Teens

Learn and discuss how to more effectively open the conversation with teenagers about relationships and sexual health in an age-appropriate way.

Are you new to Mankato Area Public Schools? Here’s what you need to know (kindergarten through 12th grade)
Presented by Mankato Area Public Schools’ staff

Join staff for this session to learn what a parent/teacher organization is and how to become involved, what support services are available to students and families, including school psychologists, counselors and social workers. The availability of school health services, mental health and crisis support and chemical dependency counseling will be covered.

6:40 p.m. to 7:40 p.m. sessions
Understanding high ability children: An overview of needs, resources and strategies (kindergarten through eighth-grade)
Presented by Dr. Tania Lyon, a talent development coordinator

Parenting and educating high ability children comes with its own set of challenges. This session covers some of the issues facing high ability students, such as perfectionism, anxiety, underachievement and motivational concerns. Session includes an overview of helpful resources and strategies.

Stress and your student (sixth through 12th grade)
Presented by Dr. Samantha Steinman, coordinator of secondary special education

Attendees will learn about depression and stress warning signs and their impact on student achievement, gain knowledge about resources in community and school settings and specific strategies to support students.

Registration is required because space is limited. Refreshments and childcare for those ages four to 12 will be provided. For more information or to register by telephone contact staff at 507-387-5501.