A man from Frost in Faribault County is now accused of punching three strangers at housing by MSU.

Court documents say 20-year-old Wyatt Eugene Tungland, allegedly punched one man after he was denied admittance to a party just after midnight Monday.

The criminal complaint goes on to say the victim and three witnesses said Tungland came to the door without being invited, and when he was asked to leave, he punched a man in the face. The man was knocked to the ground and chipped a tooth.

Tungland then allegedly ran to another home where two men were on the porch and he tried to take their beers. When the men would not give him their beers, Tungland punched both of them in the face, the complaint says.

One of the victims had a broken nose.

You may recall that Tungland is on probation for a felony assault. Back in June he and three other members of the Blue Earth Area High School football team assaulted a teammate during a house party in Winnebago, leaving the teammate with a serious concussion.