Seven new bus shelters have been installed throughout Mankato because of a grant from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. These shelters are located at:
  • 900 Hope Street
  • The intersection of Stadium Road and Tanager Road (one on each side of the road)
  • 705 Heron Drive
  • 100 East Campus View Street (along Monks Avenue)
  • 1610 Monks Avenue
  • 725 North Fourth Street
Three more bus shelters are expected to be installed this fall:
  • 2030 Adams Street
  • Pleasant Street (adjacent to Stoltzman Park)
  • 1305 Pohl Road
Planning for three additional shelters is underway and installation is anticipated for spring of 2020.
The shelters provide a visually appealing point of access and will help enhance transit. Shelters are typically placed in areas of higher ridership, generally in open areas for protection from harsh weather. Shelters have a solar light system to help provide additional security.