Take an active role in crime prevention. Lock doors and windows of vehicles and homes
and think about what attracts a thief.

Since most incidents occur because of unlocked vehicle doors and windows, a goal is to make vehicles unattractive targets:
  • Keep windows up, doors locked and interior empty.
  • Remove or place power cords for electronic devices out-of-sight because they indicate items may be in a glove box or console.
  • Park in well lighted areas.
Citizens play an important role in staying safe. See something? Say something. Call 911.
Join a neighborhood watch
Neighborhood watch brings residents and public safety staff together to reduce crime, solve problems and improve the community’s quality of life. It’s more formal than block parties or neighborhood gatherings, but less formal than a neighborhood association. Occasional meetings provide opportunities to share updates and other information.
Training is available for citizens interested in creating a neighborhood watch group. Topics include the role of community; starting a group; program coordination, implementation and communication; and safety strategies.