Blue Earth County Public Works staff will be fog sealing on County Roads 12 and 17 the week of 8/26/19.  Travelers should plan to use an alternate route.

  • County Road 12 from Adams St. north to County Road 3 will close on 8/27/19
  • County Road 17 from Carver to Eagle Lake will close on 8/29/19

Fog seal requires 2-3 hours to dry after the application.  Public work forces will only apply the fog seal to one lane at a time allowing traffic to use the adjacent lane.  Once those lanes are dry they will be reopened and the fog seal will then be applied to the adjacent lane.

Fog sealing will continue throughout the week.  All residents will have access and through traffic will be allowed, but should expect delays.  In the event you need to leave or come home, drive slowly straight across the applied fog seal to the dry lane OR the lane that the fog seal has not been applied and avoid any sharp turns.

In the event weather prohibits work on listed dates, road closures will be postponed to the following day.