It’s hard enough to drop your kids off at college for the first time.  But it’s even harder when that college is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD.

Then again, when you can afford to fly anywhere, anytime, maybe it’s not THAT heartbreaking.

Still, ANGELINA JOLIE had a hard time keeping it together when she dropped her son Maddox off at Yonsei University in South Korea.  Someone posted video where she admits she’s, quote, “trying not to cry.”

Speaking of Maddox, sources say BRAD PITT only found out where he was going to school shortly before the news broke in the media.

They’ve been estranged ever since that altercation on a private plane in 2016.  Supposedly, Maddox doesn’t even consider himself Brad’s son anymore . . . and since he’s an adult, he doesn’t have to see him if he doesn’t want to.