A Minnesota family is remembering the five-year anniversary of the tragic death of their son killed in a distracted driving crash east of Montrose. 21-year-old Robert Brau of Willmar was killed when a distracted teenage driver crossed the center line and struck his motorcycle. His mother Donna Brau says life hasn’t been the same since the accident. She says while the new hands-free cellphone driving law is a good start — more has to be done:

“It isn’t about holding something in your hand if that was the case — those manual transmissions that some of us drove back in the day would have been enough to cause this kind of accident Right? But it didn’t. Anything that takes your brain off of driving that’s where we want to focus all of our energy. What we want to tell people is “Just Drive.”

Brau founded the group “Just Drive”. They focus on educating people that driving is a privilege and a huge responsibility.