What about legislation to reduce gun violence and an emergency insulin program? — Governor Tim Walz asks Republicans as they hold State Capitol hearings today (Tues 9am) on troubles in the state Human Services Department:

Republicans want more information about top management resignations, fraud and possible cover-up, and overpayments to Native American tribes by the state Human Services Department. Governor Walz says he applauds Republicans for having hearings…

“But I gotta tell you, they are going to hear an earful, not just from me but from Minnesotans: No time for insulin? No time for guns? Can’t figure that one out to get just a little bit of time? How about you stay tomorrow evening?”

Senate Republican leaders say on guns they’re willing to talk about mental health issues but not on expanding background checks for gun purchases. On insulin, they say the recent announcement by Medica indicates price increases may be easing.