Republicans in the Minnesota Senate hold hearings tomorrow (Tues a-m) on turmoil at the state Human Services Department: top management resignations, fraud and possible cover-up, and overpayments to Native American tribes. Governor Tim Walz is pushing Republicans to also have hearings and move ahead with anti-gun-violence legislation:

“I do know now it’s possible. We’re doing a D-H-S hearing, so we’re coming back.   We’re gonna pay some per diem.   We’re gonna pay some salaries.   We can do a D-H-S hearing. I support ’em in that. Why not just piggyback on an insulin and a piece of gun control or gun safety legislation?”

Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka responds every time they’ve had gun hearings, usually hundreds of people on both sides show up:

“It makes it more difficult, frankly, to have dialog about it, because people are passionate on both sides of that issue.”