The “Fast & Furious” spin-off “Hobbs & Shaw” knocked “The Lion King” from the throne, winning the box office this weekend with a $60.8 million take.  It was the only new movie to crack the Top 10.

“The Lion King” was the runner-up, earning another $38.2 million.

Here’s this weekend’s Top 10 . . .

1.  NEW:  “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”, $60.8 million

2.  “The Lion King”, $38.2 million.  Up to $430.9 in its 3rd week.

3.  “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, $20 million.  Up to $78.8 in its 2nd week.

4.  “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, $7.8 million.  Up to $360.3 in its 5th week.

5.  “Toy Story 4”, $7.2million.  Up to $410.1 million in its 7th week.

6.  “Yesterday”, $2.44 million.  Up to $67.9 million in its 6th week

7.  “The Farewell”, $2.4 million.  Up to $6.8 million in its 4th week.

8.  “Crawl”, $2.2 million.  Up to $36.1 in its 4th week.

9.  “Aladdin”, $2 million.  Up to $350.4 million in its 11th week.

10.  “Annabelle Comes Home”, $875,000.  Up to $71.6 million in its 6th week.

(Box Office Mojo)

The “Fast & Furious” movies aren’t exactly known for their realism, but the new spinoff “Hobbs & Shaw” has a pretty big plot hole, and the Internet is NOT letting it slide.

The characters played by JASON STATHAM and VANESSA KIRBY play brother and sister.  Jason is 52 years old in real life, and Vanessa is 31.  That’s a 21-year difference.

That’s not unheard of.  It happens.  The problem is, the movie shows them in flashbacks running cons together when they were BOTH KIDS . . . as if they’re just a few years apart.

Social media is having fun with this . . . like the guy who Tweeted, quote, “As a #FastAndFurious fanboy, I can suspend my disbelief.  20 mile long runways & cybernetic superhumans:  a-ok in my book.

“But . . . they really expect us to believe Vanessa Kirby & Jason Statham are around the same age??  No way, José!  That is where I draw the line!!”

(Entertainment Weekly)