In a press conference Friday morning, he offered FORGIVENESS if the guilty party or parties turned themselves in within 48 hours.  He also said he would help them get probation and a job.

But he added, quote, “The Bible says when you steal from the dead, that’s an unforgivable sin.  So, it’s not only I, and the police officers looking, but so is God.  This hits home pretty bad.

“Being that this is not a cable network we’re on, I can’t use the words I’d like to say.  I keep hearing God tell me, put your faith in the cops and don’t do nothing yourself.”

(That sounds like a veiled threat, and those 48 hours expired yesterday morning.  So unless he’s already been caught or turned himself in, that perp might just have a DOG on his trail as we speak.)

(E! OnlineTMZ)