Sunday’s “CMA Fest TV Special” will include an appearance from the choir at Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Nashville.  You’ll see them doing CARRIE UNDERWOOD’s “The Champion”.

And if it looks like they’re nailing it, could be because they got some tips from Carrie herself.  She surprised them during a rehearsal . . . and a video of the visit has been making the rounds.

The kids went crazy when they saw her.  One said, quote, “[She] just popped out of nowhere.  She is such an inspiration to me.”  Another said, quote, “I never thought it was going to be, like, Carrie Underwood caring about us.  It was really special.”

Carrie returned the praise, telling them, quote, “You guys are going to be so amazing.  That crowd is gonna NOT know what hit ’em.”

Profits from the TV special go to music education, and this is one of the schools that received a CMA Foundation grant.