Netflix raised their prices earlier this year . . . and if you’re wondering what they’re spending their extra cash on, it MIGHT be chasing a Best Picture Oscar.  Especially after they got so close this past year with “Roma”.

According to “The Wall Street Journal”, Netflix is spending more than $520 MILLION to make three major movies:  Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”“Red Notice” starring The Rock, and “6 Underground” with Ryan Reynolds.

There are roughly $151.6 million Netflix subscribers, so the cost of those three together comes out to close to around $3.50 per subscriber.

“Red Notice” and “6 Underground” are just big-budget action movies, but “The Irishman” is a monster movie starring Robert De NiroAl PacinoJoe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel that DEFINITELY sounds like solid Oscar bait.

Netflix has invested between $173 million and $200 million in that one alone . . . which is pretty wild for an adult drama in 2019.  That comes out to more than $1 per subscriber.  But if they want the cred of a Best Picture Oscar, that might be why they’re spending through the nose for it.