Local gas stations across Minnesota are experiencing fuel shortages, putting motorists at risk of being stranded during their holiday weekend travels. This fuel shortage is caused by unanticipated events at refineries in other states disrupting the normal supply of gasoline and other petroleum products. As the week of July 4th is a peak travel time, alleviating the effects of this shortage is imperative for the safety of travelers.

In response, Governor Tim Walz today signed Emergency executive order granting a temporary exemption from the hours of service requirements in state law for drivers of commercial vehicles providing direct assistance to emergency relief efforts by obtaining and delivering gasoline, diesel fuel, or fuel oil.

Waiving the hours of service requirements ensures that carriers and drivers can deliver petroleum products, ensuring dependable access to fuel and safer travels.

The Emergency Executive Order goes into effect today, July 3, 2019 and remains in effect for thirty days or until direct assistance ends, whichever occurs first. All other safety requirements pertaining to drivers and vehicles still apply.