Governor Tim Walz says he’s “feeling great” after minor surgery on his left knee last week, and adds a similar procedure might not be needed on his right knee to repair a medial meniscus tear:

“This one I don’t know yet, but it feels like it might be down, so what they’re gonna have me do is, as I’m on the bike yesterday (Mon), I’ll be on the treadmill walking… and then hopefully next week start running again. They said there’s a potential that maybe… I might not have to do it.”

And Walz remembered a fellow runner last night (Tues), presenting a proclamation at a park in northeast Minneapolis declaring Tuesday “Gabe Day” in Minnesota.   It’s in honor of U-of-M All-American Gabe Grunewald from Perham, who died at age 33 earlier this month following a ten-year battle with cancer.