Random facts found online.¬† Because…If it’s online it must be true! ūüôā

1.  Mushrooms and other fungi share more DNA with PEOPLE than they do with vegetables.

2.¬† There are six U.S. presidents who’d never been elected to any office before they became president:¬† Zachary Taylor,¬†Ulysses S. Grant,¬†William Howard Taft,¬†Herbert Hoover,¬†Dwight D. Eisenhower, and¬†Donald Trump.

3.¬† Haggis is the national dish of Scotland . . . but it was actually invented in England.¬† So THEY get the credit for chopping up a sheep’s heart and lungs, mixing it with a bunch of other crap, jamming it all in a stomach casing, and calling it food.

4.¬† Steven Spielberg¬†turned down an offer to direct the first¬†“Harry Potter”¬†movie because he thought it wouldn’t be challenging . . . and that it should have been animated.


(UC Berkeley / Mischiefs of Faction / Wikipedia / Cinema Blend)