Summer officially starts tomorrow.  And a new poll looked at how much people know . . . and DON’T know . . . about the dangers of too much sun.  Here are five things you might not know about UV damage . . .

1.  30% of people didn’t know you can still get burnt on a cloudy day.  Clouds only block about 20% of UV rays.  So you still need to wear sunblock.

2.  55% didn’t know you’re still exposed to UV rays in the shade.  They can bounce off stuff and hit you.  Like sand, for example.  It reflects 17% of the UV rays that hit it.

3.  Almost a quarter of people think they’re fine as long as they don’t get burnt.  The truth is ANY amount of sun exposure is harmful to your skin.  So even a nice tan could be bad for you.

4.  Yes, you can still get sunburnt through a window.  Glass only filters out one kind of radiation . . . UVB rays.  But UVA rays can still get through.  Fun fact:  You’re more likely to have freckles on the left side of your face because of driving.

5.  A third of people didn’t know that too much sun is bad for your eyes.  UV rays play a role in about 20% of cataract cases.  So make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses that block UV rays.  And make sure your normal glasses have UV protection too.



(OnePoll / CNN)