The Minnesota Air Spectacular will be held Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16.

During air show–how to enter Mankato’s Regional Airport and parking overflow
Four gates (two each for traffic coming from the south and north) along County Road 12 will be dedicated to traffic entering the Mankato Regional Airport, 3030 Airport Road.  Traffic staff will be at each gate location to assist motorists entering and exiting parking lots.

Highway 22 in Mankato:  expect restrictions at Township Road 140 and Augusta Drive.  Motorists will not be able to cross or turn left–they will be directed to the next signalized intersection.

Traffic entering from the south via Trunk Highway 14, County Road 3 and County Road 26:

  • Enter through gates 4 and 5

Traffic entering from the north (via County Road 2):

  • Enter through gates 1 and 2
  • Buses and VIPs are to enter gate 2

Traffic exiting Mankato Regional Airport:
Traffic will be required to exit through the same gates entered and head in the direction arrived from. (Motorists who entered from the south must exit south.  Motorists who entered from the north must exit north.)  Two one-way travel lanes will be formed along County Road 12–to the north and to the south.  Traffic staff will direct visitors to use appropriate lanes and it’s advised that motorists do not merge or switch lanes.

Parking overflow:
If all available parking at the airport is full, an overflow parking lot has been designated at the River Hills Mall, 1850 Adams Street, Mankato. No-cost shuttle service will be provided to and from the airport (only begins once airport parking lot is full). Signage will be posted to notify visitors to proceed to the mall parking lot.

For motorists who are not going to the air show, it’s important to use an alternate route or expect delays and/or rerouting.