Motorists traveling on Highway 169 through and around Saint Peter will soon see improved traffic signal operations. Over the past few weeks, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has been upgrading traffic signal hardware, and testing signal timing plans for all five traffic signals. Starting on June 14, the final updated signal timing plans will be implemented.

The adjustments will provide improved traffic operations on Highway 169 and allow for advanced performance monitoring through a central traffic management system. Motorists can expect to hit more green lights when traveling the speed limit, but may experience a bit more delay in crossing or turning onto Highway 169. Pedestrian signal timing was also checked to ensure adequate walk/don’t walk crossing times.

When making a left turn at certain intersections, drivers may find that the left turn arrow appears at a different time in the cycle.

Motorists will benefit from reduced delays, stops, fuel usage, and wear and tear on their vehicles. Nationally, updating traffic signal timing has been shown to reduce traffic delay by 15-40 percent, reduce travel times by up to 25 percent, and has a benefit to cost ratio that can exceed 50:1.