Minnesota dairy farmers are encouraged to take advantage of a new rebate program that will help cover Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) premiums. Minnesota Milk executive director Lucas Sjostrum says state lawmakers passed a bill this session that essentially pays back farmers who sign up for the five-year version of DMC:

“We have $8 million secured, which is really exciting. And that will be distributed among those who apply.”

If every dairy farmer in Minnesota participated, the rebates would average around $3,000 dollars per farm. Signup for Dairy Margin Coverage begins later this month:

“So everybody who signs up at the FSA office beginning on June 17th will get one of these state applications. They will get their receipt that they signed up for the five-year Dairy Margin Coverage program, and then will need to send in their production history and a W-9.”

Sjostrum says the fact a divided government in Minnesota was able to pass legislation like this shows how much everyone in the state values the dairy industry.