Governor Tim Walz and legislative leaders worked into the night (Tues p-m) trying to get a deal on the state budget with six days remaining until the deadline:

The governor and legislative leaders went behind closed doors just after one on Tuesday afternoon, and didn’t come out until a dinner break for about an hour and a half:

“We’re still here. That’s good thing. (Laughs) Movin’ along, attempt to get this budget done…. Appears to me like our plan is to be here all night.”

..Governor Walz, Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and Democratic House Speaker Melissa Hortman then went back into closed-door meetings. There’s little or no information about how much progress they’re making, or in what areas. Analysts speculate they might be trying to get their spending numbers closer, while big differences likely still remain over the governor’s gas tax increase and renewing the medical provider tax.