Students at the Nicollet Public School and residents of the community will soon have access to a new disc golf course thanks to a grant from the Brown, Nicollet, Le Sueur, and Waseca Counties Statewide Health Improvement Partnership.

Disc golf is a game in which plastic discs are thrown into a series of metal baskets situated on an outdoor course. To develop the course, student groups will be given a map of the area and will be tasked with researching the parameters and determining course layouts. The layouts will then be reviewed by the school board for final selection.

“Disc golf will be added to the physical education curriculum to introduce students to an area of exercise they may not have considered before,” shared Sue Wear, the school nurse. “We will also encourage the use of the course by all students during non-school hours and by the community.”

The BNLW SHIP grant will cover the costs of the materials to develop the course as well as frisbee disks.  Holes along the course will be sponsored by area businesses to help with course maintenance.

This project aligns with BNLW SHIP’s goal to create healthier communities by expanding opportunities for active living through quality physical education.