Guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter — the jury’s verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor in the fatal shooting of Justine Damond. Her father reportedly wept when the verdict was read and the father of the defendant covered his face with his hands. A third-degree murder conviction carries a sentence of up to 25 years. Noor was found not guilty of 2nd-degree murder. He is set to be sentenced on June 7th.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says the jury got it right. He does say, however, the investigation into the shooting was rocky in the early stages on the part of Minneapolis police and the BCA.

Freeman says his relationship with the MPD has “been rebuilt” since the beginning of the investigation. Freeman answered his critics who suggest he won’t charge white cops who shoot black people but will charge black cops who shoot white people:

“That simply is not true, race has never been a factor in any of my decisions and never will be.”

John Ruszczyk had some harsh criticism for how the investigation into his daughter’s death was handled…

“The conviction was reached despite the active resistance of a number of Minneapolis officers including the head of their union, and either active resistance or gross incompetence of the BCA, particularly at the beginning of the investigation.”

Justine’s fiance Don Damond:

“But that night there was a tragic lapse of care and complete disregard for the sanctity of life. The evidence, in this case, showed an egregious failure of the Minneapolis police department.”