Friday (April 26), weather permitting, a controlled burn will be held in Rasmussen Woods, 555 Stoltzman Road.   A regulated burn reestablishes native species, improves wildlife habitat, boosts pasture productivity and enhances native plants and grasses.  Burning is used to help keep nature in balance by stimulating new grass growth that animals use for nesting and hiding.  It also delays growth of brush and trees, which can overtake open areas and crowd out some animal and plant species.  Wildflowers and native plants attract bees and butterflies, along with other pollinators.  The controlled burn in the Troost Pond meadow area of Rasmussen Woods is being done as outlined in Rasmussen Woods Management Plan.

The controlled burn date is weather dependent–for safety–wind speed conditions must be no higher than 15 miles per hour.  The burn area is small and expected to last around one hour generating smoke within general area near Rasmussen Woods.