A free art and clothing swap will take place Thursday, May 2, 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Arts Center of Saint Peter.

The public is invited to bring the following items: Men’s and women’s clothing (clean, no stains, no repairs needed), accessories, shoes, bags, and art (pottery, framed and unframed paintings/prints/posters, etc.).

The swap is on the honor system. Participants are encouraged to be generous with what they bring, and take items that speak to them.

“It’s great to see this community embracing clothing swaps, which are dear to my heart,” says Jessica Server, Mankato Magazine style columnist and event co-organizer. “They have so many layered benefits: they build community and help people detach from the consumerism of fashion; they provide a risk-free way to explore personal style; and they lessen the impact clothing has on environmental resources, while also bypassing the human rights violations of fast fashion. Plus, they’re just fun!”

Children’s clothing, undergarments, and non-wearable items will not be accepted. Items may be delivered in advance of the swap, by appointment only. Any items remaining after the swap will be donated to a local nonprofit or used for Arts Center outreach projects.