An attempt by a good Samaritan to pull out a vehicle stuck in a ditch during the weekend blizzard went awry, leaving a Morristown man dead.

Rice County Sheriff’s Deputies say 33-year-old Travis Pineur had gone into the ditch in the early morning hours on Sunday when Tyler Nusbaum of Waterville stopped to help.

The men were using a tow strap to attempt to free the vehicle when the receiver hitch from Nusbaum’s vehicle reportedly broke, causing it to break through the rear window of both a topper and the truck. Pineur suffered severe head trauma when pieces of the hitch hit him in the head.

A medical helicopter was unable to fly because of weather conditions and Pineur was taken by ambulance to a Twin Cities hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

Pineur operated and was a hunting guide for travel company Nomad Adventures.