The Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department says hundreds of people remain in shelters and crews are currently working to rescue nine people from two trains stuck on tracks in Freeborn County as southern Minnesota digs out from a weekend blizzard.

Agents say rescue missions will proceed as necessary across the region, and one of the big struggles now is getting people reunited with their cars and getting cars off roadways so they can be cleared.

They add that many roads remain impassable. Plows crews are out making progress but officials are asking Minnesotans to understand that it will take some time for roads to be completely open again. Not only will the snow need to be cleared, but they add that many vehicles will have to be towed before roads will be safe to drive.

Shelters remain open in many areas.

  • Steele County National Guard Armory — 187 people sheltered.
  • Steele County Trinity Lutheran Church — 53 people sheltered.
  • Ellendale shelter — 30 people sheltered.
  • Blooming Prairie shelter — 15 people sheltered.
  • Freeborn County National Guard Armory — 46 people sheltered.