The Minnesota Department of Transportation is warning drivers in the greater Mankato region the blizzard in the area will result in significantly reduced visibility and that roads will likely remain in poor condition throughout Thursday and into Friday.

MnDOT District 7’s Rebecca Arndt said some parts of the state are under a no-travel advisory but explained, “We don’t need if we’ll get to that yet. It’s a little too early to predict but we do know it’s going to be very difficult.”

In addition, Arndt said drivers that do venture out need to stay at least ten car-lengths from the plows working to keep the roads open because, “We’ve actually already had two hits today in this area and now I’m seeing a report of a hit in the Rochester area where our plow is on its side in the ditch.”

On Thursday, a driver was killed after Minnesota State Patrol said he pulled his car directly into the path of a MnDOT plow. The plow driver was not hurt and Anrdt said, “Our folks are in a thing the size of a tank so they’re usually pretty safe but the other motorist can seriously get hurt.”

She added that drivers need to take some important steps for their safety and that of others that include, “Keep your headlights on so we can see you and other motorists can see you, that’s another very important piece. And no distractions. No cruise control. Lets all just be driving.”

Finally, Arndt said drivers should slow down to a safe speed for the conditions they are in and also allow extra time to get to their destination.