Travel is tricky today across parts of the state today. The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Kevin Gutknecht said travelers are dealing with a potpourri of precipitation with, ” Icy roads in some parts of the state and in other parts of the state there’s snow and blowing snow that’s drifting and hampering visibility. So, we’ve got a little bit of everything. It’s just a good time for motorists to slow down.”

There have been more than 25 crashes so far this winter involving vehicles and state snowplows and Gutknecht added, “One crash is one crash too many. Urging motorists to give the plows room to work. Stay back. Better to be behind a plow than try to be in front of it. Pay attention when you are driving because when a vehicle and snowplow collide it doesn’t work out so well for the vehicle.”

Last year in Minnesota there were 84 crashes involving vehicles and MnDOT snowplows.