A North Mankato state senator is reintroducing legislation proposed, but not passed, in each of the last two sessions which would allow Bailey Johnson of Nicollet and others with rare medical conditions to get the medications they need in a crisis administered in a more timely manner.

Senator Nick Frentz said the bill, “Would allow a young lady, 11 years old, in Nicollet to receive emergency medication. That’s been quite a journey, but I believe we have support for it this year from doctors, first responders, and medical directors.”

Previously there was pushback concerning the proposal to allow paramedics in Minnesota to administer the medications, mainly because of the potential liability the ambulance service and its medical director may be subject to if an error were made.

Frentz explained that under current Minnesota law, paramedics can administer simple medications, like an EpiPen but most medicines can only be given to patients by doctors and the bill would, “Basically allow her and anyone in a similar situation to get medicine administered by a paramedic, if need be, rather than drive 40 or 50 miles to a hospital.