Another week, another pizza-related assault in Mankato.

Operations Commander in charge of the Mankato Department of Public Safety’s Detectives Division Jeremy Clifton.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Jeremy Clifton says a woman and her friend were walking along South Front Street at about 2:00 a.m. on Sunday when, “It sounds like a pizza was thrown at her or her direction and she was hit in her hair and was quite upset about it.”

Clifton says the woman was likely intoxicated.

They haven’t yet tracked down a motive or any suspects and Clifton said, “Unknown believed to be males caused the incident, however, we don’t know whether or not the males were targeting someone else or were actually targeting her because we have not been able to locate anybody as a result of the pizza tossing.”

About a week ago, 36-year-old Betsy Ackerman was accused of throwing a pie at a Mankato Pizza Hut delivery driver after the wrong pizza was delivered to her home.